The Luups tray is a new functional and sustainable design – developed in collaboration with experts from the restaurant industry and design-engineer students from the Technical University of Denmark. The new design challenges the conventional tray by creating a design that enhances a neuro gastronomical experience while being functional and aesthetic.

The need for a redesign emerged as more and more canteens are portion serving food rather than keeping the traditional buffet. This has proved to optimise the food experience, prevent overeating and reduce food waste. However, new challenges arose for consumers, as carrying several small meals, drinks and cutlery became a difficult and stressful task both when collecting food and returning the used tableware.

Thus, the Luups tray is designed to be carried with one hand making it possible to take meals with the other. The shape of the tray is designed to perfectly balance the weight of the meals. The “rooms” of the tray nudge us to think about what and how much we put on the tray. The shape inspires both conscious choices and for other uses than what an ordinary tray can… And of course, the tray is made from recyclable materials – so you can carry the tray out into the world with a clear conscience.
The Luups tray is designed in several colours and the possibilities for use are innumerable.

We will continue to develop new products for the Luups family and help create new solutions – to create creativity, a healthy and sustainable lifestyle.